CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 

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Continuous Delivery at Scale with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise on AWS

DevOps at Scale: Entrust your enterprise DevOps initiative to the only cloud-native Distributed Pipeline Architecture for limitless scale and expansion. Infrastructure costs are reduced with built-in elasticity.

Highly Available and Resilient: Your business is critical. CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise ensures availability with self-healing Jenkins infrastructure. Resources automatically recover and your CD pipelines automatically restart, preventing costly downtime.

Fully Managed 24/7: Empower teams to focus on delivering value, not maintaining Jenkins®! On-demand provisioning enables teams to start new projects in minutes. Enterprise features enable teams to securely share best practices. With CloudBees, teams can go faster…together!


Enterprise Grade Security: Is compliance a headache? No more! CloudBees provides a vetted version of Jenkins, so that everyone is on the same version, eliminating conflicts. You define access via roles and responsibility. Compliance just got a whole lot easier!

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iTMethods delivers CloudBees Jenkins Enteprise as a standalone Hosted Service on AWS or integrated within our DevOps+ TCM ToolChain Management Platform.

DevOps+ TCM ToolChain Management Platform provides your choice of leading DevOps tools deployed in a dedicated VPC on AWS and integrated to 3rd party SaaS tools. Applications include the following . . . Learn More

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