Case Study:

Global Financial

iTMethods SaaS Platform delivers Enterprise Atlassian Data Center as a Service for Leading Global Financial Institution

The Challenge

The financial institution was an existing Atlassian customer, but its on-premise instances were highly fractured between individual teams. In addition, many Atlassian instances were multiple versions behind and needed support for maintenance and upgrades. This large and complex environment was both a challenge to manage and one that hindered growth.

The financial institution needed a secure and scalable enterprise platform that offered Data Encryption, High Availability, High Performance, Disaster Recovery, Single Sign-On (SSO), and Integration with its other DevOps tools. It lacked the specialized skill sets to manage this solution in-house and required assistance from partners.

The Solution

To meet the customer’s requirements, iTMethods recommended to upgrade its existing Jira and Confluence Server products to Atlassian Data Center running on our SaaS Platform to provide a scalable and secure solution that offered High Availability, High Performance, and Disaster Recovery. 

The Results

Our solution accelerated their Agile Transformation by enabling Agile teams to easily onboard onto the Atlassian Data Center platform.

Some of the other benefits include:

  • Accelerated team onboarding to the enterprise platform by consuming Jira and Confluence Data Center as a service—providing 24/7 Expert Support, Maintenance and Upgrades, and Atlassian Technical Support.
  • Increased team and user adoption by providing Atlassian Consulting Services to map out current business processes with Jira and Confluence.
  • Achieved High Performance and High Availability by upgrading and standardizing on Atlassian Data Center.
  • Rapid time to market by successfully deploying Atlassian Data Center on AWS in the matter of weeks.
  • Seamless integrations with existing DevOps tools on AWS.
  • Ease of user access by implementing Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Enhanced security by implementing full data encryption in-flight and at rest on AWS.
  • Standardized Jira and Confluence workflows/configurations by migrating decentralized instances to the enterprise Atlassian Data Center platform
  • Cost savings due to license consolidation by retiring decentralized licenses in different lines of business.
  • Achieved capability to scale and support tens of thousands of users.

Why iTMethods and AWS?

iTMethods demonstrated the technical expertise to architect and execute this cutting-edge enterprise migration, a first of its kind for iTMethods and AWS. iTMethods collaborated closely with the financial institution and AWS to understand the technical, process, and cost-related issues associated with a migration of this scale and implement a streamlined transition for the financial institution.

The AWS Cloud provides industry-leading security. Cloud security is the highest priority for AWS, and the AWS Cloud is built to reflect that by incorporating things like self-healing mechanisms, vulnerability reporting, and privacy safeguards. iTMethods also underwent rigorous security testing to guarantee its processes and practices met strict standards.

Why Atlassian?

The financial institution relied on Jira and Confluence for its agile transformation to improve workflow efficiencies and reduce the costs associated with purchasing legacy project planning/collaboration software.

Jira Data Center and Confluence Data Center provided the enterprise-grade features the financial institution needed—high availability, high performance, disaster recovery, and scalability.

Deploying Jira and Confluence Data Center versions on the AWS Cloud meant that the financial institution was able to leverage the power of AWS’ auto-scaling feature to scale up and down dynamically depending on real-time use patterns and need, further reducing infrastructure and management costs.

Atlassian & AWS Services Used

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