Automation is a key component of our services. We ensure successful activities are automated for #lowfriction cloud adoption.

Automated Service Delivery on AWS

iTMethods’ goal is to make complex processes simpler for our customers, which is why we specialize in automating key services- so you can focus on innovation.

Architecture Automation

When it comes to architecting your cloud infrastructure, it should be flexible and scalable. If new resources or environments are required, it should be automatic to increase efficnecy and reduce human intervention. iTMethods enables organizations to automate their architecture to become agile and reduce downtime.


Deployment Velocity

iTMethods can create architecture automation scripts that can bring up custom-configured environments in a matter of minutes using applications like AWS CodeDeploy or Jenkins. With the proper configuration, you can respond automatically and rapidly to failures in any part of the system, and implement a CI/CD SDLC tailored to your organization’s needs.


Scale Rapidly

Auto Scaling will let you rapidly and automatically scale your Amazon EC2 capacity up or down, balancing performance, boot time, and cost efficiency.


Reduce Risk

Automated cloud-computing infrastructures reduce risks for mistakes and security vulnerabilities with built-in failover mechanisms, easily replicable templates, automatic threat detection and containment, and other tools.

Problem Resolution

Configuration Management tools allow system engineers change dozens or hundreds of instances by changing one line and can automatically detect and fix problems based on a predetermined description of what infrastructure should look like.

Proactive Security 

Ensure every system conforms to a single set of security policies and is monitored constantly. A mature SDL will manage deployments and maintenance, provide central documentation, and automatically detect and correct errors based on a predetermined description of the infrastructure.

Reduce Manual Intervention 

Configuration scripts will replace the need for perfected AMIs, increasing flexibility and reducing manual reconfigurations.

Configuration Management

As infrastructure is transformed to code and instances can be scaled up or down with a few clicks, safeguarding system configuration becomes essential for complex deployments.



Automated Deployment Cycles

When your infrastructure is code, using automated deployment tools simplifies and accelerates traditionally time-consuming projects.

Standardized Deployment

Use tools like AWS CodeDeploy, AWS ElasticBeanstalk, and Docker to automate and accelerate deployment cycles. Rely on self-regulating code testing, system backup, and abstracted deployment powered by built-in internal controls and applications like Jenkins.


iTMethods can provide customized tools to ensure team members have a clear understanding of deployment schedules and responsibilities and then educate and support your team on how to best use them.

Site Reliability

Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) operate behind the scenes to ensure seamless operations, working with the ultimate goal of maintaining high availability and performance at any scale.

Enhanced Reliability

We do not fix what has broken; we build systems that will not break. By working across business lines and collaborating with developers and system engineers, SREs develop centralized, simplified standards and practices.

Access to Experts

Since most businesses do not need an SRE full-time, working with an external team will give your business the expert support it needs and enable you to devote your resources where they matter.

Big Data / Machine Learning

Build highly scalable and secure Big Data apps with Machine Learning capabilities