iTMethods Limelight Digital Marketing

Limelight made the initial move to the AWS cloud with the assistance of a consultant, however managing those resources in house soon became demanding.

Limelight’s live marketing platform helps brands plan, create, execute, and measure live marketing activities – increasing engagement, boosting sales, and reducing costs to drive ROI.

iTMethods began working with Limelight at a time when the company was ready to accelerate its growth. To make that happen, Limelight needed a scalable, secure, and reliable platform – features the AWS cloud is built to deliver.

What did Limelight achieve with iTMethods on AWS?

  • iTMethods helped limelight overcome technology bottlenecks traditionally associated with rapid growth.
  • Architecting Limelight’s platform to allow instant auto-scaling ensures applications can be rapidly scaled up or down to meet demand.
  • Limelight removed in-house dependencies by moving workloads to the AWS cloud.

Taylor Graham

Taylor is highly motivated individual with a passion for start-ups, technology, and marketing. Through years of working with start-ups to define marketing plans and strategies, Taylor understands what essential elements are needed to capture valuable leads at the right place and the right time. Taylor is focused on expanding iTMethods marketing initiatives, as more businesses turn to the AWS cloud to develop and grow their business.