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CloudBees Starter Kit on a DevOps SaaS Platform

Get the best CloudBees value paired with the automation benefits of the DevOps SaaS Platform

Set Your Most Innovative Teams Free with CloudBees Starter Kit


If you’re looking to spur software innovation, why not give the best tools to your early adopters? CloudBees Starter Kit consists of CloudBees Core and CloudBees DevOptics. It combines flexible, governed continuous delivery with visibility and insights into value streams. Intended for new CloudBees customers, this package is budget-friendly and offers a low-risk, high value offering to realize continuous delivery and optimize software delivery from commit to production.


Visibility and Management

Team management, security, pipeline insights and visibility, scalability and high availability are all part of the package


Three Teams, Unlimited Users

Your first three agile teams run unconstrained. Instantly provision up to three CD servers, connect up to three repositories and watch your value stream flow from commit to customers.

Entry-Level Pricing

For organizations with three or fewer teams, we provide pricing that lets you start fast and grow, enabling you to prove the value of enterprise continuous delivery.

Get CloudBees Starter Kit on the iTMethods’ DevOps SaaS Platform for only:



Explore what CloudBees Core has to Offer


Complete Functionality

In many entry-level offerings, there are plenty of caveats or gotchas. That isn’t the case here. You get 100% of the documented functionality of CloudBees Core and CloudBees DevOptics.


Leverage Kubernetes and cloud service providers for all your CD workloads. CloudBees Starter Kit supports AWS EKS, Azure AKS and Google GKE.

Professional Services & Support

Get off to a fast start with Remote Quickstart engagement. You’ll also get access to comprehensive virtual training, ongoing Support and a dedicated Customer Success Team for the life of your subscription.

Up to Three Teams

Get started easily with three CD servers, or ideally three teams, and choose three support contacts for expert guidance and training.


Use Industry Metrics

Capture industry recognized metrics to quickly evaluate DevOps performance. Help your teams do better by comparing performance to benchmarks.

Made with Jenkins

CloudBees Core takes Jenkins, one of the most popular open source automation server, and adds functionality necessary to scale continuous delivery across the organization, including knowledge sharing, rapid onboarding, easier admin management, and scalable architecture.

Get the Most Value out of your CloudBees Starter Kit with the DevOps SaaS Platform


When you host your CloudBees Starter Kit on iTMethods you automatically gain additional benefits of integrating all your DevOps tools into a single toolchain, managed by a team of certified experts at iTMethods. Gain a flexibility you need knowing your tools are taken care of 24/7 so you can focus on the activities that drive your bottom line.

Integrated Tools

Have all DevOps tools work together. Our integrated, extensible Toolchain increases team agility, software quality and speed to market.



Our Platform runs as a flexible enterprise SaaS model, meaning your DevOps Tools can support your evolving business needs.


Enterprise Features

Choose from a suite of Enterprise Platform services that align to your security, compliance and hybrid operating requirements.


iTMethods Wins the “MSP Partner of the Year” Award at the 2018 DevOps World | Jenkins World Awards

We are very honored and excited to be recognized by CloudBees and receive the MSP Partner of the Year Award at the DevOps World | Jenkins World Awards.

Here are Just a Few Reasons why iTMethods' DevOps SaaS Platform is the Best Choice

Extensive Tools Catalog

Choose existing or new tools for your toolchain. Support both open source and enterprise tool versions.

Powered by AWS

Deployed in dedicated AWS VPC(s) in a region of choice. VPC(s) can be deployed within your AWS account(s).

Scalable & Automated

Our cloud-native platform is fully automated and enables optimized performance, availability & responsiveness.


Maintenance & Upgrades

Maintenance, upgrades & security patches as per Vendor(s) best practices – all scheduled in advance.

Hybrid Integrations

Seamless and secure connectivity between our Platform and your existing on-premises and cloud infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery

Low cost and automated AWS cross-region disaster recovery is available.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Improved user experience. Simplified user provisioning and management.


Secure & Compliant

Architected for enterprise security, network, access, availability & encryption.


Our DevOps SaaS Platform Unlocks your Key Competitive Advantages

In today’s fast-paced economy and complicated technological landscape, speed of innovation becomes a top priority. The Platform enables your application teams to innovate, automate and accelerate their software delivery.


Unleash Digital Transformation

Built on years of transforming how companies deliver software, DevOps SaaS Platform provides automation and scaling abilities and is the fastest way to accelerate your digital transformation.

Innovate Fast

Inability to respond to business demands and deliver software fast hurts companies' ability to compete. By running your tools on DevOps SaaS Platform, you leverage the triggers that have already been built by us, so you don't have to start from scratch.

Stay ahead with Best Practices

Get the maximum out of your tool investment. With DevOps SaaS Platform, not only your DevOps tools are  always up and running, but is set up with the right workflows and optimal automation.

Eliminate High Costs

Inefficient use of internal resources, associated infrastructure and SW licenses combined with unclear ROI can slow down company's growth. With DevOps SaaS Platform, you get the maximum value for your investment as a custom tailored solution to your needs.

iTMethods is a Certified CloudBees Jenkins Partner

As a Certified CloudBees Summit Partner and Managed Service Provider (MSP), iTMethods certified experts help companies to maximize Jenkins capabilities and deliver Enterprise-grade features by utilizing the power of CloudBees Core.


Enjoy Platform Add-on Subscription Packages

DevOps SaaS Platform is truly your one-stop-shop for all your DevOps tools and Cloud-native application enablement needs. Choose the following services to support your DevOps initiatives and application teams:


DevOps Adoption

Expert guidance and advice on best practices and project execution

✓ Strategy / Roadmaps

✓ Best Practices

✓ Pipeline Implementation

✓ Work Flow Automation

✓ Additional Tool Selection

✓ Custom Integrations

Admin & Functional

We function as an extension of your team providing high value expertise

✓ Team Administration

✓ Pipeline Management

✓ Workflow Optimization

✓ Custom Dashboards

✓ Visibility / Reporting

Cloud-Native App Build

Enable your teams to build the best cloud-native applications

✓ Microservices Architecture

✓ Planning and Deployment

✓ CI/CD Pipeline Build / Automation

✓ 24x7 Management

✓ Security & Compliance

✓ Cost & Resource Optimization


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