Case Study:

Gaming Entertainment

Leading gaming company partners with iTMethods to seamlessly upgrade their Jira & Confluence to Atlassian Data Center on iTMethods’ Managed DevOps SaaS Platform.

Industry: Game Development

Use Case: 2000 Users

Location: Offices in Los Angeles and Barcelona with remote employees across the world

Company Objectives

Establish Ownership

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The Challenge: Decentralized, inefficient process

The process of ensuring that Jira and Confluence stay up and running at all times was rather chaotic. The Client didn’t have a centralized point of contact who would be responsible for managing Atlassian tools with multiple admins spread across different continents.

As more employees joined the company, people would manually add new users and create custom fields.

The Client didn’t have a full picture on who uses Jira, what access level they are at and whether the system reached its capacity. All this uncontrolled activity would often lead to system crashes and overload.

“After the initial call, it was clear that iTMethods are the experts on Atlassian tools migration and management. The communication was very smooth and not forceful. They were able to not just listen to, but hear our needs, were understanding and patient,” said Senior IT Administrator.

The Solution: Moving systems to Atlassian Data Center with no loss of performance

As the Client’s Company grew over the time, it got very clear that Jira and Confluence became mission-critical tools for the organization. Uptime had to be guaranteed, but being on Atlassian Server could not support the organizational growth.

In order to scale Jira and Confluence, the Client needed a clear process in place for backups and resolutions. This was easier said than done, since teams were spread out across the globe, with several offices in the United States, Spain, England, and Brazil.

The Client decided to move their Atlassian tools to Atlassian Data Center, known for its high availability and low balancing. Atlassian Data Center is ideal for managing high volume traffic across different regions, which is what teams at the company were looking for. In addition, Jira and Confluence on Atlassian Data Center can be heavily customized and personalized. Now teams could configure tools to specifically suit their various needs without compromising performance.

After extensive research and interviewing several Atlassian partners, the Client chose iTMethods as their trusted DevOps SaaS provider.

iTMethods acknowledged the need of moving Client’s Atlassian tools to Atlassian Data Center and laid the groundwork requirements that needed to be in place to guarantee a smooth transition.

“We had a very smooth experience with moving Jira & Confluence to Atlassian Data Center on iTMethods’ DevOps SaaS Platform,” said Senior IT Administrator. We could clearly see that the expertise was there, the requirements were clearly laid out and all the steps were clearly communicated.

“We didn’t experience any data loss with migration and if any issues occurred they were communicated immediately and solved extremely fast. iTMethods stands by their promises and their engineers are extremely quick to respond to tickets and help right away”, said Senior IT Administrator.

The Results: Reaping the benefits of exclusive DevOps SaaS Platform by iTMethods

As a result of the migration, the Client was able to fulfill all their objectives: reduce downtime, increase speed and optimize Atlassian performance.

“Before iTMethods came onboard, our engineers would scramble trying to solve a problem. Now iTMethods saves us a lot of valuable time and lets us focus on the work that matters most to our business. Days of stressing over Jira and Confluence maintenance are gone,” said Senior IT Administrator.

By working with iTMethods, the Client received more than a smooth migration. Now that their tools are hosted on DevOps SaaS Platform, they have a unique opportunity to integrate all their DevOps tools in one place.

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the benefits of on-premise security, Toolchain Platform ensures all DevOps tools talk to each other and are easy to manage. iTMethods is a one-stop-shop for Client’s DevOps needs, not only providing tool management but Cloud migration and deployment.

“I definitely recommend iTMethods to anyone looking to maximize the DevOps efficiently. With iTMethods we were able to channel our resources into business development instead of focusing on the support side, saved time by trusting the work to the experts and gained a peace of mind knowing that iTMethods understands our needs and is always there any time should we need support,” said Senior IT Administrator.


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