Case Study:

Global Financial Technology

This Global Financial Technology firm needed a DevOps SaaS Solution to meet its M&A timeline and infrastructure objectives while also complying with security and international compliance standards.

Industry: Financial Services

Company size: 15,000+

Location: European HQ

Company Objectives

This Global Financial Technology firm was looking to create an Enterprise DevOps Cloud Strategy and enable their business transformation objectives. Operating in over 100+ countries, the company needed to divest from its parent organization and create a fully independent operating entity. An integrated DevOps platform was needed to: migrate critical infrastructure from their parent; enable integration with other financial institutions; and, ensure compliance with international industry regulations.

The Challenge:

The company needed to define and migrate to a high availability managed platform in under 8 months. This meant meeting compressed migration timelines for decoupling infrastructure from existing data centers, managing limited resourcing, and the need for secure integration between a hybrid cloud infrastructure and disparate systems. Expertise was needed for merging multiple Atlassian systems (Jira, Confluence, Bamboo, Fisheye/Crucible, Crowd) then integrating them across a multi-vendor DevOps toolchain which included GitHub, CloudBees Jenkins, SonarQube, Artifactory, TestRail and more.

The Solution:

After an in-depth industry review, iTMethods’ Managed DevOps SaaS Platform was chosen. Security and High Availability were key factors that included our controls on governance, hybrid integration into existing on-premise systems, and a multi-AZ instance design offering reduced RPO/RTO targets supporting data loss prevention and business continuance needs. iTMethods’ Transit Hub Service was used to provide seamless integration between on-premise resources and the firm’s multi-vendor toolchain. Also, an aggressive implementation plan was pursued to migrate key systems in multiple waves. This was aided with the help of AWS’ platform and migration tools.

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The Results:

The firm successfully met its migration and data center exit timelines with minimal disruption to the 10,000+ users that depend on these systems daily. The client also was able to achieve the key technical objectives of a secure, seamlessly integrated DevOps toolchain and improved application currency via iTMethods’ Managed SaaS Platform. Additionally, the client was able to reduce overall database licensing costs due to Cloud migration.


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