Migrate, Scale and Manage Atlassian Applications on AWS

Why Atlassian on iTMethods’ DevOps SaaS Platform

Enterprise Features

A true enterprise offering tailored to your security and hybrid environments, supporting encryption, SSO, DR, scheduled maintenance, security patching & 24/7 support.

SaaS Model

Our DevOps SaaS Platform runs as a single-tenant enterprise SaaS model, meaning your DevOps Tools are delivered to your enterprise compliance & governance standards.

No Resources Required

Your tools are up and running and maintained at all times, so you can focus your DevOps and application teams on work that truly matters to the business.

Migrate and Managed on AWS

Migrate from on-premise / hosted and cloud to AWS. iTMethods’ DevOps SaaS Platform delivers a 24/7 Fully Managed on AWS Service.

iTMethods is a Certified Atlassian Gold Solution Partner

As a Certified Atlassian Gold Solution Partner, iTMethods experts help companies to simplify and automate Atlassian products while delivering the benefits of the DevOps SaaS Platform.


Our DevOps SaaS Platform Unlocks Key Competitive Advantages

iTMethods helps companies to simplify and automate Atlassian products on our DevOps SaaS Platform. Our Platform provides an integrated toolchain that allows teams to focus on building software without having to maintain an ever-evolving set of DevOps tools. Companies can choose from a best of breed catalog of tools and maximize their capabilities for reliability, scalability and compliance.


Unleash Digital Transformation

Built on years of transforming how companies deliver software, DevOps SaaS Platform provides automation and scaling abilities and is the fastest way to accelerate your digital transformation.

Innovate Fast

Inability to respond to business demands and deliver software fast hurts companies’ ability to compete. By running your tools on DevOps SaaS Platform, you leverage the triggers that have already been built by us, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Stay ahead with Best Practices

Get the maximum out of your tool investment. With DevOps SaaS Platform, not only your DevOps tools are  always up and running, but is set up with the right workflows and optimal automation.

Eliminate High Costs

Inefficient use of internal resources, associated infrastructure and SW licenses combined with unclear ROI can slow down company’s growth. With DevOps SaaS Platform, you get the maximum value for your investment as a custom tailored solution to your needs.

iTMethods is an Advanced Consulting & Managed Services Partner. We’re Certified AWS Experts with a focus on delivering high value customer experiences.

Choose From a Growing Catalog of Best-of-Breed Tools

Integrate your Atlassian tools with other critical DevOps tools on our DevOps Platform. Start with the DevOps tools your teams already use and add more as you go.


See What our Clients Have to Say About our Work


Testimonial: Cohesity chose iTMethods to migrate and manage their Atlassian workloads to the iTMethods DevOps SaaS Platform.

"We have engaged iTMethods to oversee the migration of our Jira and Confluence instances from Atlassian Cloud to on-prem servers in AWS. During the execution of this project, our experience working with iTMethods has been very positive. A complex project has unexpected issues and unforeseen circumstances that curtail a well laid out plan. iTMethods has been able to address these "popup" complications and resolve them. What has been most welcoming is their flexibility in accommodating our changing timeline in order to minimize the disruption to our user."
george washington university

Testimonial: George Washington University chooses iTMethods to accelerate DevOps & CI/CD adoption through the use of the DevOps SaaS Platform powered by AWS.

"Being fairly new to the concepts of DevOps & Continuous Integration, our team reached out to iTMethods as a recommended expert in this space. From the very beginning, iTMethods brought a highly professional, well-organized team that took the time to understand our needs and worked closely with us to create a successful Proof of Concept environment to get us experienced in DevOps/CI for the future and explained the benefits of running our systems on AWS. They worked patiently with us as we integrated a fully hosted Jenkins solution with our internal code repository and configuration...

Case Study: Fanatics, a leading Sports eCommerce Company Chooses iTMethods’ DevOps SaaS Platform for Migration to Atlassian Data Center on AWS as-a-Service

Fanatics, a leading Sports eCommerce Company with $2.2 billion in revenue, had been an existing Atlassian customer for a number of years on the Atlassian Cloud, but managing and fully incorporating the desired add-ons became a challenge. It needed an expert partner to plan, execute, and support the transition of its Atlassian applications to the AWS Cloud. iTMethods worked with Fanatics to migrate from the Atlassian Cloud to an Atlassian Data Center solution iTMethods DevOps SaaS Platform. This enables Fanatics to get the most out of Atlassian’s suite of team-oriented tools and AWS’ scalable...

Case Study: DevOps SaaS Platform enables Enterprise Atlassian Data Center as a Service for Leading Global Financial Institution

The financial institution was an existing Atlassian customer, but its on-premise instances were highly fractured between individual teams and many Atlassian instances were multiple versions behind, in need of support for maintenance and upgrades. This large, complex environment was both a challenge to manage and one that hindered growth. To meet the customer’s requirements, iTMethods recommended it upgrade its existing Atlassian Jira and Confluence Server products to Data Center and deploy on DevOps SaaS Platform to provide a scalable and secure solution offering high availability, high...

Case Study: KQED Leverages iTMethods’ Expertise to Migrate Its On-Premise Atlassian Workloads to the AWS Cloud

KQED operates a wide range of platforms, including traditional mediums like television and radio as well as innovative mobile and app-based solutions to educate, engage, and inform its audiences. It was an existing user of popular Atlassian applications and tools like Jira and Bitbucket, however it lacked the in-house expertise to transition and manage it in a cloud environment. iTMethods leveraged the power of AWS’ Jira Migration Framework and provided implementation services to migrate KQED’s on-premise Atlassian instances to the AWS Cloud, including Jira Software, Jira Service Desk,...

Combining the DevOps Tools Your Teams Love with the Features your Business Needs

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Focus resources on core activities. We do the heavy lifting

Do your resources spend too much time supporting tools? With our DevOps Saas Platform, you can focus on activities that are core to your business.

Fast response to changing requirements

Tired of your DevOps Team lagging behind your business requirements? DevOps SaaS Platform is flexible, extensible, easy to customize and enable your teams with the right tools to do their best work. Leave the orchestration and fine-tuning to us.

Don’t fall behind a changing technology landscape

DevOps transformation is complex and we are your partner for the long run. We work with you to understand your growth requirements and ensure you are enabled to fully utilize DevOps tools capabilities.

DevOps expertise delivered

Built on 10+ years of experience in driving CI/CD and DevOps automation and fully-certified by our DevOps partners and vendors, we work to simplify and accelerate your DevOps capabilities with an average customer satisfaction rate of 95%.
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Get the highest ROI on your DevOps initiatives 

With DevOps Toolchain you can yield the highest return on investment, through an automated set of tool triggers. No need to buy and deploy new software. Just add it to your toolchain from a Platform tool catalog and you are all set.