Case Study:

Software Engineering Firm

iTMethods’ DevOps SaaS Platform enables a Software Engineering Firm to rapidly extend global developer operations by 10x in support of a key client.

Industry: Software

Use Case: 2500 Developers

Location: UK

Company Objectives

A software engineering firm needed to quickly support the global demands of its strategic Fortune 500 client. The core goal was to extend developer capability from 250 to 2,500 users via a secure, scalable single-tenant source code management platform. System availability and performance over multiple geographies was also critical (particularly in North America and Asia).

The Challenge:

Several problems faced the firm as they needed to scale. First, multi-tenant SaaS offerings were not possible due to mandatory security and compliance policies. Also, the firm did not have sufficient infrastructure or capacity to host and operate a global repository capable of scaling to over 2,500 developers. Lastly, given the majority of developer operations were based in Asia, system performance and latency needed to be optimized.

The Solution:

Initially, a Proof of Concept on iTMethods’ DevOps SaaS Platform (underpinned by Gitlab and AWS) was conducted. Designed as a single-tenant SaaS environment, the Gitlab PoC quickly and successfully validated performance and latency standards across multiple geographies including Asia and the US. The project was rapidly upgraded to full production as a highly available Gitlab solution across multiple AZs within AWS’ Asia Pacific Region. Cross-region disaster recovery services were also enabled for improved business resiliency. Once in production, iTMethods’ Cloud Optimization Services were used to ensure continuous system performance, security, and cost optimization.

The Results:

Once the PoC was validated, production kickoff to go live was completed in only 3 weeks to meet the client’s timelines. This successfully met all project demands, including performance and security goals for scaling the code repository to over 2,500 developers. Also, stringent business continuity and data loss prevention targets were also met (such as RPO/RTO) thanks to iTMethods’ Disaster Recovery Services and leveraging AWS regions globally. A cost-optimized and scalable environment is now in place to help continue growing their key account.


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