Case Study:

Marketing Automation Firm

Rapid onboarding of an Enterprise DevOps SaaS Platform to enable go-to-market strategy.

Industry: Software/Marketing Automation Technology

Company Size: 1000+ employees

Company HQ: US

Company Objectives

This firm, a leader in Customer Engagement technology, needed to implement a completely new suite of software development tools to rapidly divest from their F100 parent organization. These tools needed to be operational as quickly as possible and were critical to the firm’s product development and go-to-market strategies. Security was also key to protect their IP and client data.

The Challenge:

The key challenge was a lack of time and available resources to architect, migrate and run the necessary DevOps tools for their business. Business deadlines meant a solution needed to be operational in under 3 months. Also, critical was compliance with security standards and policies.

The Solution:

iTMethods’ Managed DevOps SaaS Platform, powered by AWS, enabled a secure, single-tenant, fully-integrated software development toolchain. Also, iTMethods Enhanced Platform Security Services ensured the necessary security controls to safeguard sensitive data and maintain compliance standards.

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The Results:

Leveraging iTMethods’ industry experience, and flexibility of our Managed DevOps SaaS Platform, the firm’s entire fully-integrated DevOps toolchain was deployed within 6 weeks. The highly scalable environment now dynamically adjusts to the demands of software builds and the extensible architecture easily onboards additional tools onto the Platform. Internal resources remain focused on strategic projects while cost optimization is achieved thanks to iTMethods’ managed services.

 Would you please pass on my personal thanks to your team. We’re very happy to have you as our partner.


— SVP, Product Development upon successful launch of their toolchain.



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