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DevOps World 2022

iTMethods is headed to DevOps World 2022

Join iTMethods at DevOps World 2022 on Sept 27-29 to learn how we can help you accelerate your DevOps journey through our cloud-native Managed DevOps SaaS platform.

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Past Events

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Learn How to Migrate Enterprise Atlassian Deployments to the Cloud

Our panel of Experts from iTMethods and Atlassian discuss the best strategy of how to manage complexity and avoid common pitfalls when moving your Atlassian deployments to the Cloud.

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Learn How Enterprises Run CloudBees as SaaS

Watch experts from CloudBeesiTMethods and AWS discuss how to run a managed version of the DevOps automation tools you know and love, including the tools from CloudBees as SaaS.

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Choosing the Best Subscription Options when Moving to Atlassian Cloud

Which Atlassian Cloud plan is right for you?  Between Standard, Premium or Enterprise plans to choose from – what is the best fit for your team’s needs?

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DevOps Success in the Cloud with CloudBees, AWS, and iTMethods


How do Enterprises run DevOps Tools as a SaaS? Watch our webinar where experts from AWS, CloudBees and TIAA discuss the value of moving to the iTMethods DevOps SaaS Platform.

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iTMethods named as a Finalist for

the DevOps Dozen 2021 Awards

We are excited to announce that iTMethods has been named as a finalist for the Best End to End DevOps Tool/Service. This award honors the platform with the most diverse and robust solution for DevOps teams.


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DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019

August 12-15 2019

San Francisco, CA

CloudBees Days 2019 | NYC

April 23, 2019


CloudBees Days 2019 | Toronto

June 11, 2019

Toronto, ON

iTMethods Wins the “MSP Partner of the Year” Award at the 2018 DevOps World | Jenkins World Awards

We are very honored and excited to be recognized by CloudBees and receive the MSP Partner of the Year Award at the DevOps World | Jenkins World Awards.

Atlassian Summit 2019 | Las Vegas

April 9-11, 2019

Las Vegas, NV

DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018

September 16-19, 2018

San Francisco, CA

AWS Summit | Toronto

September 20, 2018

Toronto, ON


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