Jenkins Days by CloudBees

iTMethods joined DevOps leaders and Continuous Delivery practitioners for 8 days in 8 cities across the U.S.A.

iTMethods joined Jenkins Days 2018 by CloudBees to learn about the future of software development and delivery with Jenkins and Kubernetes

Jenkins Days 2018 were dedicated to all things DevOps and Continuous Delivery. During the course of 8 productive days, iTMethods visited the total of 8 cities across the U.S.A. to participate in the discussion on what’s coming next from the Jenkins community and CloudBees.

Phi Wan, VP Engineering at iTMethods, led the discussion on starting and navigating a journey towards a true DevOps culture.

During the Jenkins Days, visitors were able to participate in hands-on workshops around the Continuous Delivery process and technology concepts, learn about the DevOps trends presented by Forrester, as well as network with peers and enterprise DevOps experts in the sponsor expo.