Case Study:

Major US Bank

 iTMethods’ DevOps SaaS Platform helps enable a major US Bank’s Cloud-First strategy.

Industry: Banking/Financial services

Company Size: 25,000+ Employees

Company HQ: US

Company Objectives

The DevOps team at a major US bank, focused on driving digital transformation, needed to enhance operational scalability and agility by migrating critical tools to the Cloud. Meeting security, compliance, and business continuance objectives along with long-term operating cost reductions were also a key goal.

The Challenge:

The company needed to balance the time and resource limitations to support the toolchain’s integration into banking core systems, and of multiple DevOps vendors, while ensuring compliance with Infrastructure, Network Engineering, Cyber Security, and Risk teams. Meeting performance SLAs for security, latency, and availability were also critical to move to the Cloud. Particularly for maintaining end-user experience and for accessing large binaries during release cycles.

The Solution:

The Bank needed multiple enterprise-grade services from iTMethods. The iTMethods Managed DevOps SaaS Platform (powering the Bank’s toolchain on a single-tenant, Amazon Web Services hosted Cloud solution), Transit Hub (ensuring secure hybrid cloud connectivity), Enhanced Platform Security Service (for data security and control access), and Disaster Recovery managed services (for cross-region redundancy and data loss prevention). 

To meet tight timelines, iTMethods was able to quickly establish a successful Proof of Concept and meet the Bank’s performance, security, and compliance requirements. Then an aggressive implementation plan was rapidly adopted to migrate key systems in multiple waves. 

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The Results:

A successful deployment resulted in:


  • A secure, completely private Cloud instance running the Bank’s critical software development pipeline leveraging Amazon Direct Connect and Amazon Private Link.

  • A highly available and resilient architecture taking advantage of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service to provide self-healing across multiple Availability Zones.

  • Scalability and integrated workflows across the Bank’s software development cycle (including seamless integration to on-premise systems).

  • Improved performance from dramatically reduced code-to-release cycles and reduced operational expenses.

  • Improved business resilience and agility to quickly onboard new tools onto the Platform. 


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