We enable your Software Teams to deliver faster results, through our cloud expertise and customer obsession.

Cloud expertise with speed, simplicity, and automation

We are an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Managed Service Provider, which means we’re certified experts when it comes to the AWS Cloud. We’re here to help and have considerable expertise in application refactoring, mass migration, security, compliance, cloud native applications, big data and machine learning, outsourced IT, and data security and recovery.

Evaluate Applications 

We’ll help you identify any code errors within your applications in minutes, to help determine which applications are cloud ready, and which need to be refactored.  

Use Sophisticated Frameworks 

ITMethods has a proven framework, creating the foundation for scalable and infrastructure-aware applications.  

Simplify Migration 

Think in days and hours instead of months and weeks. Our software can process hundreds of applications quickly to maintain superior efficiency and reduce costs. 

Application Refactoring

ITMethods has a wealth of experience transitioning legacy infrastructures to AWS. When we update your applications, your business immediately becomes scalable, cost-efficient, and cloud ready.

Mass Migration

For organizations looking to go all in on AWS, iTMethods enables mass migrations for 100s to 1000s of VMs from customer data center(s) to AWS. We use our experience and proven automation techniques to ensure a seamless transition, no matter how large.


HIPAA compliance in cloud-computing environments is complex. Healthcare providers – and their IT teams – need to grapple with security risk assessments, dynamic legal frameworks, and comprehensive security requirements.

Compliance Automation 

Using built-in compliance features, iTMethods evaluates the compliancy of existing procedures and environments. This helps to ensure compliancy from migration to maintenance and every step in between.  

Faster Time to Market 

With AWS, you can deploy in minutes while built-in security features protect ePHI at any scale. This allows organizations to boost productivity without compromising compliance.  


Our world-class cybersecurity standards will protect critical data and eliminate vulnerabilities, keeping your workload defended 24x7x365. 

ITMethods is proud to have Level-1 PCI certification giving our customers an immediate advantage.

Reduce Risk 

Our security compliance and practices are independently audited and certified, and we guarantee that our cloud solutions will be consistent with the newest PCI DSS 3.0 standards. By enabling automation, central authentication, and frequent encryption, you can reduce the complexities of NIST-SP800-115 standards.

Proactive Defense 

iTMethods helps to simplify penetration testing (Mandatory under 3.0 requirements) by automating your testing processes, without compromising on performance or uptime SLAs.

Faster Time to Market 

Rapidly scale up or launch new lines with no manual intervention while maintaining PCI compliance.

Simplified Control 

Gain the processing power you need to handle consumer data without compromising on compliancy.

Security & Compliance

Compliance plays a big role when migrating your legacy infrastructure to the cloud and streamlining the process can be complicated. Using AWS, iTMethods turns these complex regulations into cost-effective control mechanisms that reduce manual documentation and audit scope.

Our Compliance services deliver and maintain your corporate, HIPPA and PCI compliance needs.

Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, you need to recover your data rapidly so your operations can continue uninterrupted. The AWS experts at iTMethods can help you architect a Disaster Recovery plan customized to meet your specific requirements.

Geographic Diversity 

Through AWS’s wide spanning global reach, customers can take advantage of global datacentres to reduce regional business impact.  

Enhanced Performance 

Reduce costs, replace tapes, and handle cold-storage lifecycle by moving backup to AWS or an AWS Hybrid Solution. 

Rapid Response 

Our dedicated team is available 24x7x365 to support you and your organization’s cloud infrastructure. 

Outsourced IT

Outsourced IT from iTMethods includes our award winning Service Desk, Asset Management, Project Management, Cloud Management, Security, Office365 and Email Continuity Services.


  • Focus on driving business outcomes 
  • Access excellent technical resources 
  • Mitigate risk 
  • Regularize your operational expenses 
  • Realize enhanced flexibility  

What iTMethods provides


  • Fully functioning Service Desk to support your end-users 
  • Full asset and licensing management 
  • Structured project management for net new projects 
  • Managed Office365 and hosted environments 
  • Environment monitoring and control 
  • Technology lifecycle management and roadmapping 
  • Network, security, and compliance assessments  
  • Network management and optimizations 
  • Security Management and auditing