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Cloud-Native on AWS

Industries are being disrupted by businesses with software at their core.

Companies like Square, Uber, Netflix, Airbnb, and Tesla continue to disrupt their industries with cloud applications.

What do these innovative companies have in common?

Speed of Innovation

Always-Available Services

Web Scale

Mobile-Centric User Experiences


of application development supporting digital business will be built not bought by 2020

Key Building Blocks for Cloud-Native


Build and deploy a microservices architecture using containers or serverless compute.

API-First Design

APIs enable applications to be built and perform like never before.


Simplify, standardize and mature your DevOps capabilities on AWS

Agile Infrastructure

You can manage a single instance or scale to thousands using AWS services

iTMethods Approach to Cloud-Native


Review Business Requirements

Review your requirements relative to greenfield project, existing project or complete IT transformation.


Assess Current State and Capabilities

Many of the changes that are required for successful cloud-native are cultural and organizational; we will assess your capabilities in DevOps, Agile / Continuous Delivery and autonomous teams.


Develop Application Architecture

Develop an application architecture appropriate for your entry point to cloud-native. Greenfield will be different from re-developing legacy applications or cloud-native migration. Core application architecture concepts include API-first and microservices decomposition techniques.


Map Application Architecture to AWS Platform Services

Utilize AWS platform services to avoid unnecessary coding and repetitive tasks and utilize the secure scaling design patterns inherent in AWS.


Develop Plan and Cloud-Native Roadmap

Assign service accountabilities to autonomous teams, create cross-functional service delivery plan for design, process and release schedules.


Execute Plan with DevOps Capabilities

Continuous application delivery with automated testing, visible metrics and customer focus.