With more than 30 million users and 25 million repositories, GitHub has become the world’s largest host of source code—and for good reason. Beyond being simply a source code management and version control tool, it also boasts features that enable code review, project and team management, integrations with other tools, streamlined documentation, and more.

But, while those are features that all developers can use and appreciate, there are some organizations that need a little bit more. That’s exactly what GitHub Enterprise was created to deliver.

This article takes a closer look at GitHub Enterprise (what it is, who uses it, and why) as well as the advantages associated with choosing a SaaS, AWS Cloud-based deployment and hosting option.

What Is GitHub Enterprise?

GitHub Enterprise is, in essence, GitHub.com packaged and designed to meet the requirements of organizations and teams looking for enterprise-grade collaboration, security, and administration.

It lets users access all the tools and features they rely on from GitHub (unlimited repositories, project management capabilities, issue tracking, and security alerts just to name a few) while also giving your organization complete control over repository and project information.

Who Is GitHub Enterprise For?

Despite the name, GitHub Enterprise is used by teams and organizations of all sizes. After all, a small team can still have enterprise-level needs.

Why Do Organizations Use GitHub Enterprise

1.   Smarter Collaboration


GitHub Enterprise is made to alleviate the challenges that can come with fostering collaboration among teams, whether a small group working in a single office or a large group distributed across multiple locations.

  • Pull requests and timeline-style interfaces allow users to interactively learn from each other throughout the development process.
  • Leveraging open-source technologies alongside what you have already built means you can save time and eliminate duplicate work.
  • Integrated issue tracking helps your team mark progress using labels and milestones while staying on top of bugs.
  • Integrate a wide variety of third-party services with GitHub Enterprise to make the most of your investments.

GitHub released updates earlier this year, many of which focused on improved user experiences and collaboration. Click here to learn more about them.

2.   Streamlined Security


GitHub Enterprise gives you the ability to enforce security policies without complicating or overburdening already complex processes. Integrate access with your organization’s own authentication systems and manage permissions from one centralized location. You can also set repository access or keep access controls with LDAP and CAS.

As code is being built, GitHub Enterprise will look for and identify vulnerabilities early so you can fix them before they reach production. Support for pre-receive hooks makes it easier to enforce critical rules, ensure compliance, and prevent unwanted or unauthorized changes.

3.   Simpler Administration


Multiple deployment options mean you can install GitHub Enterprise on in-house servers you manage or on a private or public cloud infrastructure. You can also take advantage of advanced monitoring and activity dashboards that give you full visibility into the work happening across projects and teams.

Do you want to learn more about what GitHub has done for companies like MailChimp, Hubspot, and more? Click here to check out GitHub’s case studies.

Get More out of GitHub Enterprise with a DevOps SaaS Platform

Realize the benefits of DevOps at scale with GitHub Enterprise on iTMethods’ DevOps SaaS Platform:

  • SaaS Model: Our DevOps SaaS Platform runs as a flexible enterprise SaaS model, meaning your GitHub Enterprise and other DevOps Tool requirements are tailored to your needs on an ongoing basis 24/7.
  • No Resources Required: Your tools are up and running and maintained at all times, so you can focus your DevOps and application teams on work that truly matters to the business.
  • Enterprise Features: We provide additional features such as hybrid transit connector, low-cost disaster recovery, highly available and scalable architecture, escalated security patching, and self-service user onboarding.
  • Hybrid Integrations: Seamless and secure connectivity between our Platform and your existing on-premise and cloud infrastructure.

As GitHub Gold and Managed Services Provider (MSP) Partner, iTMethods experts are here to deliver the latest and greatest in GitHub automation, workflows, best practices, and support.

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